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Ady and Kate, a young couple from germany with a dream –
the dream of living in the United States.
Dreaming about living in the summer state of California –
a dream that was always a dream.

In November ’16 Ady thought of playing in the green card lottery
– maybe we’re lucky.
In may 2017 the winners were released – 703 people in Germany won
including us!
Incredible! We won playing the first time!

2017-2018 loads of paper junk waited for us and we were waiting.
In June ’18 we were interviewed by the US consulate in Frankfurt, Germany.
November ’18 Ady and Kate flew to San Franzisco for activating the green card.

In February ’19 we were finally holding our green card for the first time.
March ’19 we finally sold our whole inventory and one month later we took our
flight to the United States of America to stay here.

The American Dream – Ady, Kate & Nele

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